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     The Memorial Licensing Company™ is the first company in the United States to license a comprehensive line of licensed memorial products. Beginning ten years ago with the Collegiate Memorials® line of college themed memorial products, MLC has become the nation's largest provider of college themed memorial products to status conscious college alumni, university friends, fans, that are designed to celebrate and tell the story of individual lives. This extends to the expression of loyalty to their alma maters as well as their favorite collegiate sports teams.
     We live in a time when people are looking for deeper meanings in every area of life. It's only natural, but healthy, that families are taking a new look at the funeral experience and adding new elements that celebrate the lives of their loved ones. In greater numbers than at any other time in United States history, Americans are seeking funeral products and ceremonies designed to celebrate and tell the story of individual lives. This personalization can take on many forms which include education, work, play, civic membership and personal interest.
     When you purchase a Collegiate Memorial® product, revenue generated from licensing royalties is used for student scholarships, internships, student development, and special programs that support the strategic initiatives of the Institution. Those initiatives include a student-focused education, diversity, globalization, traditions and school spirit. As a partner and supporter of The Memorial Licensing Company™ and the institutions we represent, you have contributed to the success of the students that follow you now and in the future. On behalf of the students and the institutions we represent, we thank you for making the decision to purchase an Officially Licensed Collegiate Product.
     The Memorial Licensing Company™ takes great pride in being an innovator in the funeral service industry. We're adding new products and new licenses daily, so contact us if your affinity association is unavailable. We'll do our best to secure licensing from your affinity group or your alma mater. And remember, The Memorial Licensing Company assures you that all our products are American Made.
      If you are interested in purchasing a Licensed Memorial Product, you may contact us via this website or by phone.

Thank You,
The Memorial Licensing Company™

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The Memorial Licensing Company, is fully-licensed to display the
insignia on most United States colleges and universities.
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